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Commercial Services

At Anthony’s Landscaping Services, we are committed to delivering professional and responsive Bobcat services to our commercial clients in Florida.

Whether you’re undertaking a hazardous tree removal, planning road paving, or constructing new business parks, we’re here to cater to your every commercial landscaping need.

Our Bobcat Services provide:

We are Licensed & insured to provide dependable Bobcat Services to meet various clients’ needs, such as:

Bobcat construction removal services, tree removal, commercial and residential
Commercial Hardscaping

ANTHONY’S LANDSCAPING INC. has been a trusted provider of residential and commercial hardscaping services in Central Florida for over 10 years.


We have every color and shape of paver available as well as a large variety of stone types, from large flagstone to small Mexican pebble. Whether you want a beautiful stone patio with a fire pit and matching benches that makes you feel a thousand miles from home, we have experience designing and installing a variety of hardscape elements.

Our experienced serving our local community in central FL. stone paver team uses the highest quality deck & paving materials and proven installation techniques to ensure that your new hardscape is built to last and looks beautiful for years to come.


We offer professional repair services for paver surfaces, ensuring that your commercial property maintains a polished appearance. Additionally, we create inviting and durable stone patios that provide an appealing outdoor space for customers and employees alike.

Our services are currently available in our local community in central FL.

If you are looking for Orlando commercial hardscaping in Central Florida, we would love to prove to you why we are your best choice. Please call us at (321) 696-4205 to set up a free consultation.

Commercial Tree Removal and Tree Trimming

Tree Services provides value and curb appeal for your property. Whether your trees are damaged and require expert removal or you simply wish to improve the visual appeal of your yard, our tree care service offers everything you need.

If you need Tree Trimming, Tree Removal Or any other Tree Health Care Service Contact us or call us today for a free consultation (321) 696-4205.

Community park with well-maintained lawns and recreational spaces for residents

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, irrigation is often key. The grass needs consistent amounts of water to stay healthy, green, and growing.

Anthony’s Landscaping designs our customers’ irrigation systems to be as sustainable as possible, aiming to lower the amount of runoff water on your property while improving drainage and maximizing the water retention of your lawn. We adjust the water flow to meet the different demands of flowers, shrubs, trees, or grass species.

Property Maintenance

Spring and Fall Clean Up services, weekly lawn care maintenance, a turf care program, shrub/small tree pruning, mulching, and aerating and seeding.

From a maintenance perspective we will provide you with a “cut above the rest” by ensuring a completely manicured lawn, meticulously pruned plant material, and healthy turf areas.

Our experienced workforce utilizes the latest updated equipment to provide you with consistent, accurate, and professional grounds maintenance services.

A landscape maintenance proposal is prepared especially for you outlining all our maintenance services with associated charges specific to your property.


Our weekly lawn care consists of mowing, blowing edging weeding trimming and pruning.


You may require a general yard cleanup at any time. Typically, seasonal yard cleanup services are recommended during the following times of the year:


important to protect your home and guard your lawn through the following tasks:


These spring yard clean up services are important:


Landscape installation and lighting,
New Designs, Plantings, SOD, Mulching

We can do an entire new landscape design complete with new sod, a patio area or walkway with pavers. We can install hedges, mature trees, and new beds with an array of color. And finish it out with mulch to help with soil preservation and weed control.


There is nothing like the allure, curb appeal and elegant beauty of low voltage outdoor lighting. Let us create an outdoor evening wonderland for you by meticulously placing lights to highlight and enhance the unique features of your landscape.

In addition, to the ambience of low voltage outdoor lighting, its illumination adds security for residents and visitors to navigate around the property safely.

Our skilled professionals will strategically place and install your choice of lighting fixtures throughout your property.

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